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With the recent sketchy LJ updates, I've now backed up this entire journal on my dreamwidth (which previously I had literally only so I could comment on some friend's things, haha!) and just wanted to let you all know that, plus a bunch of random updates.

LJ vs DW

First off: as of this moment, I'm not planning to stop posting to LJ entirely, though I of course want to be where the people are, and I know most people are leaving LJ (understandably). So for now, I'll be mirroring my journal entires between LJ and DW (my entries are few and far between for the most part anyways, haha, although I likely will be signing up as an artist for Marvel and WIP Bang again so there'll be a flurry of entries when that happens) and may eventually make the full transfer to DW.

I will not be deleting this journal unless somewhere in the future it becomes totally necessary. If you are also on DW, please add me! I'd love to stay pals over there as well. :) I'm here: https://red-b-rackham.dreamwidth.org

Now onto more fun stuff...

Het Big Bang

I am curently modding the next round [community profile] het_bigbang - reminder that Author sign-ups are going on right now but close on May 17th! We've got a lot of great looking sign-ups but we always need more, especially betas, so spread the word! ALL FANDOMS WELCOME.

I hope to do some art for it if I have the time or if needed, though I likely won't be signing up as an author this year. I have a lot of writing on my plate, including PART 2 OF THAT AVENGERS EPIC (*screams*) and some ORIGINAL FIC (*screams some more*). :D


My financial situation is daily dancing with being Defcon Dire because of continued unemployment. I put up a page on my tumblr, but for those who may have missed it: Commission Me to Create You Something!! I'm offering fic, graphics, random graphic design related things (posters? wedding invitations? whatever), and random doodles. If you're interested or know anyone else who might be, please pass it on. I'd appreciate it so much - I legit need every penny I can scrounge right now. I've done a couple commissions already and it's been awesome - fandom friends are the best!

Life News

I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. After more than a year of uncertainty and a whoooollle boat load of personal um, issues, and after months of waiting in limbo while my application was processed, I finally have a direction (thank you, God) and will be a student again in the fall. :D It's going to be weird, being a student again after like 10 years, but I'm really excited about the courses I'll be taking and coming out with a degree at the end of it all. *thumbs up*

Fic Round-Up & News

Just barely before a year since the last one... oops. XD I'll be posting that in a separate entry next.

In terms of quantity, there hasn't been a lot, largely because I've been hard at work on Part 2 of the Avengers epic, several unpublished works I won't talk about just yet (they're still very WIP), and my original fiction which finally exists and I can barely believe it. I got a huge chunk of it written for NaNo, I've done a bunch of editing, but keep getting stalled and getting too deep in my own head about it. I'm setting myself some firm deadline goals to get a full draft 100% complete by the end of June, so fingers crossed. (Nag me about this. I'm not joking - nag me to finish this on time.)

I have a feeling next year will look similar in terms of fic quanitity, as I'll hopefully be working on the third and final part of the Avengers epic, which is just. so. much. work. I hope it's worth it for anyone who reads it. XD Just getting it out of my system after years of it clawing to get out makes it worth it for me in so many ways, lol. And then my brain can finally move on to other things!!

Lastly, [community profile] spn_summergen is here again!! Is it bad that I literally still have a window full of tabs of fics from last year's I still haven't read?! *wince* I need to do that before this year's gets into full swing!! And get my Summergen letter ready...


In case one day LJ blows up, here are the other places you can find me:

AO3 - red_b_rackham
FF.net - Red Bess Rackham
tumblr - redrackham87
Dreamwidth: red_b_rackham
Mod at The Beta Branch
8tracks - redrackham87
Youtube - padfoot8701
Goodreads - K Winchester / padfoot8701
Inkitt - RedBessRackham

'till next time...

~Red Bess


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