Back in November, I decided I wanted to do something nice for my Tumblr followers, so I made a post and sent messages to ask boxes, to let my followers know I wanted to make them a gift (a piece of digital art) for the fandom/ship/etc of their choice (from an extensive list of ones I was familiar enough with to make art) to thank them for following me. I gave them a couple weeks to get back to me, and then I made art with the requests I'd gotten back, and posted them in mid-late December as Christmas gifts.

I don't know why I didn't post them earlier, considering I made this in December and it's... March... but better late than never, right? Check 'em out below the cut.

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Ok, here is the first batch of Challenges for you to write!

There's a bit of variety, but I do tend to stick to fandoms I know when issuing challenges simply so that I can read it (if it's a fandom I'm not at all familiar with, I can't exactly "judge" it, you know?). Anyways, it's totally fine to use these challenges to jump start your writing in any fandom, even if the challenge is issued for say Lost, and you use it write a King Arthur story or something. i challenge you to... a duel? )
Ok, I know this is turning into like the tenth post in a night at this rate, but I was just glancing at old entries and realized as well as an art updated, I should throw up a fic/vid update (fairly small this time). And even though I really should be packing (moving in a few weeks) or going to bed (haven't been feeling well all day) I am way too good at procrastinating to stop now. ;) Fics and vids after la cut...
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Hey all! First off, GREAT news: I have finally scraped enough money together to purchase my CS5 upgrade, so it should be in my possession within a couple weeks, so prepare yourself for an abrupt explosion of art. I can only imagine I'm going to go wild, seeing as how I basically have gone cold turkey since June/July-ish. *sigh*

Anyways, in the meantime, I've been quite productive in other ways. In the post before this one, I linked you to the Terminator vid I made, and in this post, I'll link you to the other two I've done, as well as do a quick fic round up... after the jump.
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Mar. 31st, 2010 09:53 pm
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Most of you already follow me on (here) but for those of you who don't, I want to do a quick round-up of my recent fics. Click on the titles to go read and reviews and/or comments are super appreciated (you don't have to be registered there to leave one). :) Check the rest out under the cut.

Title: All The Things He's Not
Summary: Castle isn't super strong or much of a runner and he's certainly never attempted to break down a door before. But there he is, running and breaking down doors, because he can't consider the possibility that she's gone. Castle/Beckett Oneshot.
Genre: Castle
Characters and/or Ships: Castle/Beckett
Rating: PG
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