As I mentioned in the previous post, while grabbing the new things I've recently made to post, I realized there was roughly a dozen or so G/I desktops I never posted. I would say I don't know how that happened, but I tend to post things at random in different places, so it's very easy to think I posted things and never did. Anyways, without further ado, here's the rest of the forgotten George/Izzie art - enjoy!

and i swear to keep it safe till in my grave )
More as promised! Not a slow-connection-friendly post, beware. Below is many desktops and banners of various fandoms including Inception, Lost, How I Met Your Mother and more. Click on, mateys.
enid we never really knew each other anyway )
Ok, so I wanted to put this up ages ago when I first finished the story, but I was waiting for a chance to make the album art and then my laptop famously died, and I only just got Photoshop back, and I've been working on getting the songs back and, etc. Point being, this is way long overdue, but check it out, after the jump, :)

long overdue tune-age! )

GI-ness Ahoy!

Mar. 19th, 2010 07:09 pm
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Hey everyone! I have great news and a small pile of G/I stuff to share with you after the cut...


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You Found Me

Jan. 10th, 2010 09:23 pm
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Hey guys! I was inspired today and yesterday and have labored to bring you... a new George/Izzie fanmix! This one's called "You Found Me". :D Download it after the cut...

yeah. yeah, she's a real heartbreaker... )
Ok, I still have no title for this fic that I'm writing. I suck at titles and they're always so hard to come up with. Guh. I'll have to get on that.

Anyways! What I'm for is to give you the rest of chapter two to read! As just a tiny bit more of a tease to the story, and because I recently got a bout of inspiration and am celebrating that fact. ;D Enjoy! Comments greatly appreciated.

I know you're wondering when, I know you're wondering when... )
Thanks to the miraculous program entitled Word Repair, downloaded from the internet, I have saved most of my story and notes. *CHEER* There were random words and lines missing and mixed up, missing punctuation, weird symbols where there should've been dashes or dot-dot-dots, but all in all it was mostly salavaged.

Now, I wasn't going to give you guys anymore for a while, like until I was much farther along, but in celebration of not looing everything, I'm going to give just a little more: the beginning of chapter 2. Enjoy! And feedback very much wanted. :D

...please sir, some more? )

Alrighty, I've got some great news and some horrible news.

The great news: As of now, I am working on a brand new George/Izzie story and it's going to be a long one. The idea came out of nowhere while I was driving one day. I spent almost an entire day creating a very difficult desktop, complete wth tricky photo manipulations. And then my good friend Nicola inspired me to get going and actually write the story! So Nic, this will be dedicated to you. :D And in a moment, I'll give you a chance to see chapter 1... which while it is rather short, it makes for a solid introduction into things. The only things you need to know is that this story will start sometime in later s5, but will be quite AU. The story is currently untitled and in the very early stages.

The bad news:
The word file where I had my outline, ideas, several scenes etc all written decided to up and be corrupt, so I've lost it all. I don't know how long it will take for me to get back what I had, or if it's possible to recover the file. I'm working on it.

Anyways, in the meantime...! I now present to you a sneak peek at the upcoming story, with the first draft of Chapter One. Enjoy, and feedback is oh-so-loved!

O'Malley 2.0... I would be lucky to be the new you... )
Here you are, Gizzie fans. A collection of all my GI art under one roof. After the jump, you shall find a whole ton of old art of mine devoted to the friendship and romance of George O'Malley and Isobel Stevens. It's loooong. But hopefully you enjoy it anyways. Credit if used, comments wanted! :D


I finally am posting pretty much the last of it. After this will be a post (or two!!) for JUST George/Izzie. This post has a lot of George tribute desktops in it, which most of you at fanforum have probably seen, but it's probably new to some of you too. Enjoy! No hotlinking, credit if used. Thanks!

It just keeps comin', folks. Thanks to everyone who's left me a comment on Fanforum about my old stuff! Feel free to leave comments here too. :)

I'm almost out of icons (believe it or not) except for Lost and Grey's. I have a lot more those yet. So much for Grey's, in fact, there will be an entirely separate post devoted to just George and Izzie! In the meantime, enjoy some more old stuff... but prepared for a lot of scrolling. This post is completely bursting with desktops!


I've seen some really cool fanmixes around lately and decided to make my own. It's also noteworthy that I saw someone had said they'd taken 9 hours to complete theirs and I scoffed, thinking it couldn't possibly take that long. Scoffing no more am I. The compiling, deciding creating the art, assigning the art to the songs, etc etc took forever and a day. But here it is! PLEASE comment if you're snagging and enjoy.
...oh take me back to the start... )
Well, isn't this just like Christmas morning for you! I've got the time, so I posting goodies like there's no tomorrow. As in all this old stuff I've got lying around that you might want to see/use/whatevs. So here's part 3, back-to-back with Part 2. Enjoy and please credit if used!



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