May. 19th, 2011 09:43 pm
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I randomly tried this one style the other day it's kind of addicting, so I predict there will be more of that type. Plus, I keep getting inspired by other people's tumblr art, so that helps too. Anyways, relatively short post, all Lost desktops. Enjoy!
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Aside from two Iron desktops and my first crack at Sheldon/Penny icons, this is an entirely Lost-ified post! I finally have got some finale art to show you, and here it 'tis, plus some other random goodies (Hurley/Libby fluff!). Also, do people have a preference for how I lay these icons out? I'm slowly attempting to change to be a little more like icon-LJers, but let me know. Anyways, see the goodies under the cut, yo!



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Hey all! No, I promise I haven't gone into hiding. I've been somehow wildly busy. Partially majorly obsessed with Lost, partially too excited about the new season of Survivor (Heroes vs. Villains! Woo!!), and partially (mostly) life in general. I haven't made it around to fanforum in a while, but I do plan to swing by real soon. On top of that, LJ has been giving a lot of grief lately, being weird about formatting and posting entries and stuff. The posting issue seems to have resolved itself, but the formatting style is being troublesome.

Anyways, so contained within is a vast amount of Lost icons! As well as a pile of How I Met Your Mother icons, some desktops, and - oh, just go ahead and look. :P One warning! This post contains SPOILERS for the LOST PREMIERE ("LA X") and the second episode ("What Kate Does") so do not click the cut if you do not wish to be spoiled!

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Past few weeks I've been rather creative-feeling and have learned some new coloring techniques (mostly the Jack icons), so what I present after the cut is the result of those two things. Mostly Lost stuff, as I've been on a *major* Lost kick leading up to the premiere (FEBRUARY 2ND! FEBRUARY 2ND!! FEB-RU-ARY SEC-OOONNN-DUH!), but there's a little bit of other goodies mixed in too. As usual, feel free to snag but comments are love and credit appreciated. :D
this part is for her, this part is for her, does she remember? oh, comes and goes in waves... )
I finally am posting pretty much the last of it. After this will be a post (or two!!) for JUST George/Izzie. This post has a lot of George tribute desktops in it, which most of you at fanforum have probably seen, but it's probably new to some of you too. Enjoy! No hotlinking, credit if used. Thanks!


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