May. 19th, 2011 09:43 pm
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I randomly tried this one style the other day it's kind of addicting, so I predict there will be more of that type. Plus, I keep getting inspired by other people's tumblr art, so that helps too. Anyways, relatively short post, all Lost desktops. Enjoy!
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Apr. 27th, 2010 10:05 pm
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Allo everyone!

Long time no see... I've been busy. Work sucks and I'm constantly tired and work really sucks b/c of certain stuff... and anyways. On a lighter note, however, I am royally obsessed with Lost and amping up for the finale on May 23rd! (I'm having a theme party!!) And, I've been making lots of art. :) There's also several desktops which I seem to have not posted before now, so those will be posted now too.

After the jump, take a looksey at the bounty of icons and desktops I have for ye... [Note: Not a slow-connection-friendly post]


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Hey guys!

So I technically posted several of these the other day, but I wanted to have all my Lost Final Season icons in one neat and tidy post so I can share it easier with Fanforum people. And a bunch of other new Lost icons I haven't posted yet. :D Enjoy! Credit if snagging, comments are LOVE. (Also, check the previous post for more Lost icons and some Lost Final Season desktops.)



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I finally am posting pretty much the last of it. After this will be a post (or two!!) for JUST George/Izzie. This post has a lot of George tribute desktops in it, which most of you at fanforum have probably seen, but it's probably new to some of you too. Enjoy! No hotlinking, credit if used. Thanks!

Yup. More, back-to-back-to-back with parts 2 & 3. Hey, I've got the time, so why not? For your viewing pleasure (and free use - just credit if used), here's part freakin' 4. And oh yes, I've got even more after this. REALLY hope I'm not overloading you here.



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