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Mar. 1st, 2013 04:46 pm
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Well, well, long time no see ladies & gents! Finally getting back on here to post all those gifts I made for my wonderful tumblr followers for Christmas. It was a lot of fun, and they gave a wide variety of requests. I hope to make some new stuff soon - probably Skyfall, Iron Man 3, etc.

And side Who update: FINISHED SEASON 6. ALL THE FEELS FOR EVERYTHING, YOU GUYS, HOLY COW. I plan to post about it soon. THIS SHOW.

Anyways, on to the art!

come with me if you want to live )
In between writing that Bang and other things, I have some new art to share. And finally some new icons/avatars! Teaser below, and check out the rest after the cut.



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Nov. 7th, 2011 09:38 pm
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Ok, grabbing some time tonight to finish up posting those desktops. Included in this post is more Chuck, Lost, Harry Potter, and a few things for new and upcoming movies. Enjoy!

in any other world, you could tell the difference )
There's no Community art in this second part, actually, but I figured I better be consistent in my entry naming. :P Pure desktops in this post! From Castle, Grey's Anatomy, Chuck, Lost, Harry Potter and more...

don't think it don't get to me )
Ok, so I have spent the past month or so blasting through Community and am now finally caught up. Then I spent several days downloading a crap load of screen caps and making art. :D Below I have a pile of icons, as well as a few desktops/wallpapers. And if for some reason, you have no seen Community, you need to run and see it RIGHT NOW.

I admittedly was completely off in what I thought it was about, and let me just say this: if you like movies, tv, things that make fun of movies and tv, shipping, things that make fun of shipping, characters who are polarizing, characters who aren't polarizing, characters who make fun of whether or not other characters are polarizing, action movies, romance movies, zombie movies, space movies, mafia movies, heist movies, buddy cop movies, bands of misfits who bond together through a shared experience, Chevy Chase, Joel McHale, pop culture, college, plot gimmicks, making fun of plot gimmicks, friendship, BFFery, parody and music, then you need to give Community a try. Seriously.

Anyways, on to the art now. ;) I've got a ton of art to update you with, so here we go, with part 1. Enjoy!!



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