Aug. 10th, 2017

A/n: We're onto art set number 4 of 5 for [community profile] wipbigbang! :D This is actually the first fic I grabbed to art - like, gasoed and GRABBED, my friends. The second I saw it was a SPN/Teen Wolf crossover, I got really excited, and the summary sucked me in instantly. Stiles and Jody are related? YES. Stiles gets sent away from supernatural happenings only to definitely get mixed up in more supernatural happenings? DOUBLE YES. And guys, if the snippets and first couple chapters I read are anything to go by, this fic is fantastic - the voices are so on point, and [personal profile] twisted_slinky does a brilliant job of bringing two shows well-suited for each other, in a great, great way. I can't wait to read the rest - you need to go read it too, right now.

Fic Title: Nothing Ever Happens in Sioux Falls
Fic Summary: After realizing the extent of his son's involvement with the murders and strange occurrences that have plagued Beacon Hills over the past year, Sheriff Stilinski decides his son should spend the summer with his aunt in South Dakota, one Sheriff Jody Mills. Which means Stiles has to leave his friends and the supernatural behind for what promises to be a completely vanilla, not to mention emotionally tense, trip to nothing-happens-here Sioux Falls. When Stiles gets wind of how his late uncle passed though, he can't resist the chance to investigate, which leads him to a grumpy old salvage yard owner and a butt-load of trouble.

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