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So, top of the list of Things I Probably Shouldn't Be Doing Because I Have Other Stuff To Be Doing is a whole list of Bangs I've signed myself up for. XD

In previous years, I've participated in [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang and loved it. I've written, been an artist for multiple fics, betaed, and cheerleader-ed, and now I'm one of the mods running the show! It's easily my fav Bang around and I'm so glad to be a part of it every year. I also recently participated in the rarepairbang on tumblr (for Supernatural), doing art for three different authors. I love the fun of creating art for other people's stories, so it's an easy decision to be an artist in these Bangs. For writing, I think it's massively helpful to myself to have a deadline to gets fics done or out of me. I can get stuff done without deadlines, but having one makes me work all that much harder to get the fic done, which is very helpful.

With HBB getting back into full swing and while I wait to post #3 of my rarepair submissions, I realized how much I enjoy doing these bangs. I love the experience of working with another author to help create their story - whether I'm arting, betaing, cheerleading, idea bouncing, whatever. And having done Yuletide for the first time this year, I think I might have gotten myself truly and properly addicted to these kind of projects.

Though this past month has been suddenly very full and busy (and the month before that... stressfully empty), I found myself sitting down yesterday to do some writing and instead, I contemplated a bunch of bangs - I've had several tabs open for months, you guys. Finally I decided to just go for it instead of humming and hawing - some of writing sign-ups had closed, but I stepped up to be an artist. And then I thought, "Before you close all these tabs, sit down and take note of what all you signed up for so don't miss anything***."

(***like I just did with the j2 bang - I knew I should've put the art claims date in my calendar! Here's hoping I'll be able to do something as a pinch hit for that one at least.)


  • Het Big Bang / [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang - currently signed up as an artist and cheerleader. I probably will end up betaing (I often do). I would LIKE to write something, and I do have a couple ideas, but if I'm committing to writing another Bang and I'm modding this one, I think it might be better if I don't also try to write in this one. (That being said, I think I might toss up a sign-up now and see how the next couple months go!) (*Dates: author check in July 15; art claiming July 20; art + fics due Aug 26; Debut day on Aug 31)

  • Heroine Bang / [livejournal.com profile] heroinebigbang - I didn't have any fic ideas for this one, so I let the writer sign-ups go by, but I've tossed my name in the ring as an artist. (*Dates: says art claims start May 5, but no posts yet?; drafts due + posting sign up on May 30; posting starts June 4)

  • WIP Big Bang / [livejournal.com profile] wipbigbang - same as above. I also want to keep this one bookmarked for future writing projects. Deadlines are helpful!! (*Dates: art claims start May 18; check points on May 29, June 12; posting claims on June 22; check point June 26; final drafts due + posting begins July 10)

  • Marvel Bang / [livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang - I said, "Self, don't. You ain't got time for that." And I hovered and hovered and signed up as an artist finally. And then today I stared at the author sign-ups, left and came back to it, and then said, "Self, don't... no, you know what, LET'S TRY." So here's my fingers crossed that I can do this - I do have a fic that's like halfway complete (and unpublished and in need of more writing!) that qualifies, so why not. DEADLINES ARE HELPFUL!  (*Dates: check in's on June 1, July 1, August 1; rough draft due Aug 24 (80% complete + summary); art claims open Aug 27; check in and posting claims Oct 1; posting begins Oct 17)

  • J2 SPN Bang / [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang - I didn't have a fic idea back in January (?) when sign-ups happened, so I figured I'd do art and hopefully scoop up some gen or het fics that came by. Then I completely missed art claims! Hopefully there'll be a pinch hit I'm able to do - otherwise, here's to doing better next year. XD (*Dates: welp, I missed most of them, so I just gotta keep an eye out for pinch hit posts. Posting beguns June 8)

  • SPN AU Big Bang - Oh Lordy, I am soooo very tempted. And I have an idea I could use. But if I'm already doing the Marvel Bang, I probably definitely really should not be signing up for this one. Right? But, crap, I'm tempted. I think I'll probably still sign up as an artist regardless, but... hmm... (*Dates: sign-ups close June 1 for writers; check in Sept 15, Oct 15; rough draft + summaries due for artists Nov 16; final fic due Dec 28; posting Jan 1-10. ART: sign-ups close Aug 15; claiming on Nov 18; check in Dec 4, Dec 22; art due Dec 28; posting Jan 1-10).

There's also the Beta Branch Big Bang (B^4) which is potentially upcoming - though we mods aren't sure we've got the time and will power to run it this year, so we may take a pass on that one - so I won't count that one just yet. If we do, it'll probably be a bit later than previous years (which have been May-September -ish).

Okay, that's enough procrastinating for today. *flies away to get crap done*

~Red Bess
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