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So, I had this fic idea like... after The Avengers came out. And I started and stopped it for years after - loved the idea but couldn't wrestle it, so I shelved it. Loved it again, but shortly after starting it, it was too overwhelming, so it was shelved. Loved, too much research or probelms or couldn't sort it and untangle it, etc, shelved it. Over and over forever. Then finally, I committed myself to finishing it (anyone who knows me, I have this thing about finishing projects like this that I start, lol), I fought with it a bunch more - lots of brainstorming with pals, various beta help, lots of me whining and complaining and trying to decide if this whole thing was even worth it. And then the [livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang came around and I thought "OKAY. ONCE AND FOR ALL."

That's the background story. XD Now, we're here, a day after my official posting day on the [livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang, and guess what? IT'S. HERE. Or rather, Part 1 (of 3) is here, BUT STILL. I can't describe how good it feels to FINALLY be getting this story out in the world, omw.

Title: if we bridge this gap
Characters/Pairing: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, OCs, minor Bruce Banner appearances (very minor background Clint/Natasha, Tony/Pepper)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 68835
Warnings: minor character death, minor language, moderate violence (warned on relevant chapters)
Summary: After a mission goes horribly wrong, the Avengers end up separated and scattered in time. Tony fumbles through a dangerous world while Natasha works to adapt to an unfamiliar one, both trying to stay alive long enough for Bruce to figure out a way to get them back home. (Part 1 of a 3 part epic.)

Fic Link: HERE on AO3
or here on FF.net (*where I'll be posting each chapter one at a time over many weeks, for those who'd rather receive updates than sit down with the fully posted thing on AO3)

Art #1
Fanworker name: [livejournal.com profile] dutchoven
Rating of fanwork: G
here on LJ

Art #2
Fanworker name: penumbria_fics
Rating of fanwork: G
here on AO3

First things first: I already gush about this a little in an author's note, but, I would not be here without the army of pals, betas, and cheerleaders over the years who've encouraged me, brainstormed with me, beta/edited this (in all it's many stages), and most importantly put up with my whining, moaning, fussing, and doubt that this was with worth doing (even tho I've been unable to not do it, for this long). People like [livejournal.com profile] stars_inthe_sky, inkspire, and a The Beta Branch ladies (Hope, Cari, Joy, Deannie, Shaz, and Zoe - who've all helped at some point or another. But special shoutout to Hope who's been betaing super fast and awesome, to Cari who kept assuring me that this story really is worth the effort, and Joy who's a bounty of historical knowledge).

Second: THE ART THE ART THE ART GUYS. In this particular Bang, I was lucky enough to be chosen by two cool artists! If you have a sec, go check out the art!! (They're not spoilery.) I appreciate both of their hard work, very much!! :D But special shoutout to the amazing, amazing [livejournal.com profile] dutchoven who hand drew several pieces of art for me. I cannot be more excited about them (seriously, I've been sending her gushing emails and I left a five mile long thank you on her LJ and I'm not even sorry because have you see her art). If you do nothing else, go look and leave her some love. Fingers crossed I can snag her ridiculously talented self for Parts 2 and 3...!!

I'm ironing out plot kinks for Part 2 of this epic while tackling other projects for NaNoWriMo (my first ever!!) AND I'M JUST REALLY REALLY HAPPY THAT THE TIMEBOMB FIC IS FINALLY OUT THERE AND REAL and it's not just me staring at the words for months on end by my lonesome. XD

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