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Hey you!!

First off, I want to say that I am so excited that you are creating for me!! :D Second: I am a huge rambler - but you already know that from my messy, lengthy prompts XD - so this letter is about to be extra long. BUT please know that optional details are optional. I love genfic so I'm pretty much guaranteed to love what you do. Take them prompts and go wherever the muse blows you - combine, mix and match, get inspired and go sideways with it, whatever, it's all good. :D

Lastly before I get super rambling: THANK YOU, you are super rad for doing this challenge, whether it be fic or art or vid or whatever else. <3

(My speak below is mostly aimed at an author, but whatever applies to art, applies to art as well. :D)

As I said last year, being that this is all for gen fic, there's very few things I would rather not receive. Let's get those out of the way first:

dislikes: RPF, kid!fic/de-aged fic, pregnant fic, slash/implied slash (which won't matter since this is genfic but I thought I'd mention just in case!), horror (anything super gory or extreme violence - typical canon or monster violence is fine, though), a/b/o, high school/college AUs, or rockband AUs (just not interesting to me). Character-wise: Metatron or Dick Roman or Jesse or that British Men of Letters chick who tortured Sam (Tori? Toni??). I'd also rather not receive anything that is focused on Crowley or or Lucifer, especially if it paints them as good guys. But as canon villains in any capacity in the fic, I'm totally fine with!


likes: honestly like everything else. XD no but seriously.

Dean is my #1 everything, so anything heavily focused on him is a big win. I will gladly enjoy something focused on Sam as well! If it comes up in the background, I'm happy with pretty well any canon ship (tho Amelia is defs my least fav by a long shot). I defs prefer fics set anywhere during the show, but I'm down for anything during Stanford era or during the boys' teen years (esp if it's John-centric). I don't prefer Weechesters generally, but I'm cool with other prequel type stuff too (Mary and John before the boys, Mary before John, Bobby and Rufus and John hunting trips, Cas before everybody, etc).

I love all the ladies - Bela, Jo, Jody, Ellen, Mary, Anna, Pamela, Charlie, Lisa, Donna, Eileen... less so Meg and Ruby (Ruby especially sparingly) but I still totally enjoy them. Bela is my other #1 and I would adore anything focused on her (Red Sky At Morning is my fav ep of all time because of banter, pirates, Bela backstory, heist-scenario, humor (Sam and Gert, omw), and Dean/Bela snarking/chemistry). I really enjoyed Amara and I love Rowena, especially when she's both good and bad at the same time and being sensationally sassy about it. ;D

I looove Bobby, Rufus, John, Castiel, Benny (I super love John and Bobby). Gabriel is the bomb! And I love Balthazar too - bonus points if he shows up and is a total sass master. I'm happy with any of these characters being the focus or main character of the fic (but certainly bonus if it's Dean). I enjoy Garth, Kevin, Chuck, and Gadreel; though I would rather they weren't the focus. I enjoyed Ketch and Mick this season, and wouldn't mind seeing more of them (or more about evil!Hogwarts XD). I am down for any combo of these characters, or just good ol' Sam and Dean brother fic of basically any description.

I'm interested in exploring the reapers or the angels, or virtually any plotline/timeline/season in the show (seriously any; except maybe Roman and the Leviathans), in a canon way or with a twist. I'm caught up on the show, too, so if that thing that happened in the finale strikes your muse, go with it (CAN THEY GET HER BACK WITHOUT GETTING HIM BACK TOO?!). :D I am definitely a major sucker for Dean angst, so any of his most particularly angsty bits across the years are lovely to explore, too ("Regarding Dean" this season left me a weeping puddle and I will never not lose my crap over "Swan Song" or "On the Head of A Pin").

I'm down for pretty much any genre, though maybe not crack. Humor = BIG YES!! Fluff or angst (or both! Break my heart and make me laugh in the same fic!), hurt/comfort, action/adventure, apocafic, AUs, crossovers (just check my tumblr here for other fandoms I enjoy - I would take a crossover with any! But one trillion bonus points for a crossover with Grimm, just saying ;D), non-canon scenarios are just as fine as canon scenarios as long as everybody's in character. I'm down for tropes (a good body-swap situation, for example!). Hopeful endings.

tl;dr: I live for Dean Winchester, sass & snark, unexpected broships, humor/banter + angst, found family, hopeful endings. I really like pretty much every character on the show. I love genfic and will love whatever you come up with. :)

Um, so I told you I ramble. XD (If you want even more general likes/dislikes, here's an old yuletide letter )

Thank you, thank you beautiful Summergen Gifter!! Seriously, I can’t say enough that I love gen and I love SPN so I'm going to love what you come up with. <3

Lastly, here is where you can find me and my stuff if you need/want to:

AO3: red_b_rackham
FF.net: Red Bess Rackham
tumblr: redrackham87

Happy creating!! <333

~Red Bess
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