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With the recent sketchy LJ updates, I've now backed up this entire journal on my dreamwidth (which previously I had literally only so I could comment on some friend's things, haha!) and just wanted to let you all know that, plus a bunch of random updates.

LJ vs DW

First off: as of this moment, I'm not planning to stop posting to LJ entirely, though I of course want to be where the people are, and I know most people are leaving LJ (understandably). So for now, I'll be mirroring my journal entires between LJ and DW (my entries are few and far between for the most part anyways, haha, although I likely will be signing up as an artist for Marvel and WIP Bang again so there'll be a flurry of entries when that happens) and may eventually make the full transfer to DW.

I will not be deleting this journal unless somewhere in the future it becomes totally necessary. If you are also on DW, please add me! I'd love to stay pals over there as well. :) I'm here: https://red-b-rackham.dreamwidth.org

Now onto more fun stuff...

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I've been posting about this on my tumblr but for anyone not on tumblr, I thought I would post here as well.

There's a project going on right now, that is an auction of fanworks/fan labor with proceeds going to charity, called "Fandom Trumps Hate". I thought it was a super cool thing and decided to put my name in the hat for it. I have no clue if anyone is at al interested in "bidding" on me for my stuff (there are so many people participating!), but I thought I might as well put myself out there in the name of several good causes. :) Even if you're not interested in bidding on me, I very much encourage you to go take a look at the other people participating and see if you can find something for you (here).

I personally will be offering fic, as well as beta services. I'll put all my information below, with relevant links. I'm really excited to do a fic (hopefully) so check out my offerings and hit me up. :) Hobey ho!

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Ok, just so y'all know that I haven't died...! Here's the deal. My wonderful laptop, which served me so wonderfully for almost 6 years, literally just up and died one day, taking many things, like my Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop!!! *sob*) with it. I did once upon a time purchase it for school/college, but have since misplaced the discs/package and therefore could not reinstall on the new laptop which I recently purchased. I do have a friend who happened to have CS2, lent it to me, but his licenses are expired/used up, so until I can afford to buy the CS5 upgrade (a good couple more paychecks from now, unfortunately, b/c I'm kind of a pauper these days, LOL) I have no functioning Photoshop.
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Thanks to the miraculous program entitled Word Repair, downloaded from the internet, I have saved most of my story and notes. *CHEER* There were random words and lines missing and mixed up, missing punctuation, weird symbols where there should've been dashes or dot-dot-dots, but all in all it was mostly salavaged.

Now, I wasn't going to give you guys anymore for a while, like until I was much farther along, but in celebration of not looing everything, I'm going to give just a little more: the beginning of chapter 2. Enjoy! And feedback very much wanted. :D

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Alrighty, I've got some great news and some horrible news.

The great news: As of now, I am working on a brand new George/Izzie story and it's going to be a long one. The idea came out of nowhere while I was driving one day. I spent almost an entire day creating a very difficult desktop, complete wth tricky photo manipulations. And then my good friend Nicola inspired me to get going and actually write the story! So Nic, this will be dedicated to you. :D And in a moment, I'll give you a chance to see chapter 1... which while it is rather short, it makes for a solid introduction into things. The only things you need to know is that this story will start sometime in later s5, but will be quite AU. The story is currently untitled and in the very early stages.

The bad news:
The word file where I had my outline, ideas, several scenes etc all written decided to up and be corrupt, so I've lost it all. I don't know how long it will take for me to get back what I had, or if it's possible to recover the file. I'm working on it.

Anyways, in the meantime...! I now present to you a sneak peek at the upcoming story, with the first draft of Chapter One. Enjoy, and feedback is oh-so-loved!

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