Fic Round Up

Jun. 1st, 2016 10:21 pm
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Hey look! A fic update that's not an entire year overdue! PROGRESS! XD

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So, top of the list of Things I Probably Shouldn't Be Doing Because I Have Other Stuff To Be Doing is a whole list of Bangs I've signed myself up for. XD

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Another year, another Het Bang sign up. Before I get going on that, a few things: this entry will contain pointless Het Bang ramblings. I was going to spew about some Game of Thrones stuff, but I have a feeling that's going to get long, or in any event, should be a separate entry, so I will do that sometime.
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Holy cow, I don't know how I made it. And frankly, I'm still not happy with my fic - I still think it needs a lot of help - BUT the deadline has passed, Debut Day has passed, and my brain is an uncreative, wrung dry, pile of MUSH, plus I feel just over it, lol. So maybe once I've recovered, I'll take another pass at it.

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Bang Update

Aug. 4th, 2012 01:52 pm
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So right now I have about 20k written (with another rough 3k of extra scenes that I've written pieces of, but haven't gotten to in the linear progression of the fic yet). I've adopted a sort of "No Looking Back" policy, which means I'm trying to just pound it all out and not reading back what I wrote to pick, edit, trim, etc.
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Ok guys. The Mandatory Check-In post has gone up at [ profile] het_bigbang. And I just need a few moments to whine and flail and think out loud, because I am this close to dropping out (*wince*). This could get very repetitive, incoherent and rambly (sorry).

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I can't believe it's been like a year. And despite the pain I put myself through by being the Queen of Procrastinia, and leaving everything to the 11th hour, I'm totally gonna sign up to do this Bang again. :D In theory, I'll be more organized and stuff. (Chya. You just wait for those whiny posts where I flail and complain and stay up ridiculously late and sign up for everything... ya, you've been warned.)

Also, [ profile] irony_rocks was seeking some banners and stuff, I volunteered to make some. And I maybe kinda (totally) went overboard with the color choices here, so please feel free to not use/post/etc any of the following...

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Hey! Ok, update finally. I finished the Bang! *does dance* And I completed the art, AND betaing the other fic. I got it all done. I feel like I'm going through with withdrawal in terms of writing - after how many weeks of hardcore writing, I have no more to do, haha! Anyways, so this post is full of linkage. :D

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So as you may or may not know, back in May, I signed up for this fanfic "Big Bang", where you basically have to write a big story in a (relatively) short amount of time (kind of like NaNoWriMo or whatever it's called, which I have never attempted because I am the lethal combination of procrastinator and perfectionist when it comes to writing). For this one, it has to be centered on a het pairing (therefore the genre should be mostly romance), must have 25 000 words or more, and must be done by September 25th.

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So, because I am an insane person, I decided to sign up for my first Big Bang ever. For those of you who don't know (I didn't until I stumbled onto one), it's basically writing a big story in a small amount of time, similar in concept to NaNoWriMo. For this particular Bang, it's to be centered around the het pairing of your choice in any fandom, must be 25k+ in length, and must be done by September. I think the actual deadline is like the 15th or the 20th, but I've been telling myself it's the 1st just to motivate myself some more.

Anyways, so after several weeks of completely struggling to come up with anything and appealing to various other ficcers to help me as sounding boards for ideas, I've finally made a smidgen of progress, and I thought I would share just a tiny little bit - a bit which I will probs end up posting for the next Snippet Sunday at the het_bigbanghelp comm. Vague story summary and snippet under the cut!
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