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Jun. 1st, 2016 10:21 pm
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Hey look! A fic update that's not an entire year overdue! PROGRESS! XD


Title: A Dark Heart Is Beating
Summary: Dean finds himself trapped and of course Bela’s apparently the only one who can get him out of this, before they both end up dead. Sometimes he seriously hates his life. Dean/Bela. Oneshot.
(#3 in my growing "Dean and Bela keep saving each other's lives and accidentally growing closer" series. XD)
Characters and/or Ships: Dean/Bela, Sam, Bobby
Genre: scary/creepy, spoopy fic, mystery, angst, sassy love/hate not-quite-romance
Rating: T / PG-13 (for creepiness/minor horror, some language)
Links: //  AO3
*Nominated in the Supernatural Monthly Fanfiction Awards on !!

Title: Do You Hear What I Hear?
Summary: When the boys get new coordinates from John, Sam's pretty sure a frozen lake in the middle of nowhere isn't where they're supposed to be... or is it? Oneshot.
Characters and/or Ships: Dean, Sam, a little Bobby
Genre: gen, action, monster-of-the-week, typical season 1 goodness
Rating: PG
Links: //  AO3

Title: When The Levee Breaks
Summary: She'd always wanted to drive it, but not like this. (100 Word Challenge. Oneshot.)
Characters and/or Ships: Dean/Bela
Genre: 100 word drabble, angst
Rating: PG
Links: //  AO3
*Nominated in the Supernatural Monthly Fanfiction Awards on !!


Title: Aww, Guano
Summary: Clint comes back from a craptastic mission and is not impressed by his girlfriend's jokes. Oneshot/ficlet.
Characters and/or Ships: Clint Barton/Bobbi Morse
Genre: humor, missing scene (technically AU because the powers that be refuse to give us this perfect pairing but whatever XD)
Rating: G
Links: //  AO3

Title: Five Times Bucky & Natasha Didn't Meet
Summary: It's not destiny if it never happened. (Or is it?) Five times Bucky and Natasha didn't meet... and one time they did.
Characters and/or Ships: Bucky/Natasha
Genre: romance, humor, crossover, a lovely bunch of au's deedly deedly dee, five times fic
Rating: PG
Links: //  AO3


Title: Put Your Hands Into The Fire
Summary: Rita doesn’t need to be a hero, she just needs to save her best friend. (For Yuletide 2015)
Characters and/or Ships: Hendricks & Rita Vrataski, mentions of Carter, cameo by William Cage
Genre: action, scifi
Rating: T / PG-13 (for character death/suicide due to time loop shenanigans, minor language)
Links: //  AO3


Title: The Trouble With Napoleon
Summary: Illya always knew that, one day, Napoleon’s womanizing ways would get them into trouble. He’d just hoped he’d be very, very far away when it happened. The fact that it comes back to haunt them at Christmas is really the icing on the cake. (Oneshot)
Characters and/or Ships: Illya, Napoleon
Genre: gen, action, humor, reluctant bros
Rating: PG
Links: //  AO3


Title: That's Not Nothing
Summary: When Kara declares that all is lost, Winn gets up the courage to remind her that he's right here and always will be. Or: something that did not happen to Winn in 1x09, “Blood Bonds” but totally should've.
Characters and/or Ships: Kara/Winn
Genre: fluff, angst, things that did not happen
Rating: G
Links: //  AO3


All three completed for the Rare Pair Big Bang on tumblr.

Title: Just Like the Movies [Fanart]
Fandom: Supernatural
Character and/or Ships: Dean/Donna
Rating: G

Title: When You Let Her Go [Fanart]
Fandom: Supernatural
Character and/or Ships: Dean/Jo
Rating: G

Title: Wait For It [Fanart]
Fandom: Supernatural
Character and/or Ships: Dean/Bela
Rating: G

In other fic related news:
- I've got my [ profile] spn_summergen assigment and sssshh it's a secret what it is and who it's for! ;)
- I've also got my art assignments for the [ profile] wipbigbang! :D
- I did not sign up to write in the SPN AU Big Bang (self control!) but I did sign up to art for it (...well, almost self control), but art claims for that don't happen 'till like, November, so that's a long ways off yet.
- [ profile] heroinebigbang seems to be on indefinite hiatus (again)? TBD. So for now, I don't need to worry about arting for that one.
- I'm thinking I have like no chance of completing a fic for [ profile] het_bigbang after all, but I'm still wanting to try. If I don't have anything started by the end of the month, however, I'm going to drop out of trying to write this one (modding and arting for it will be plenty, right? XD).
- My fic for [ profile] marvel_bang is on track. Mostly. I feel like getting words out for it is like beating my head against a wall but it's still happening, bit by painful bit, so that's something.

In other completely unrelated news:
-no luck on the job hunt. :( Am super discouraged. Am trying not to be.
-NEW SONG OBSESSION: (I seriously have had it on repeat for hours on end. om nom.)

~Red Bess
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