In between writing that Bang and other things, I have some new art to share. And finally some new icons/avatars! Teaser below, and check out the rest after the cut.



you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness )
Ok, so I have spent the past month or so blasting through Community and am now finally caught up. Then I spent several days downloading a crap load of screen caps and making art. :D Below I have a pile of icons, as well as a few desktops/wallpapers. And if for some reason, you have no seen Community, you need to run and see it RIGHT NOW.

I admittedly was completely off in what I thought it was about, and let me just say this: if you like movies, tv, things that make fun of movies and tv, shipping, things that make fun of shipping, characters who are polarizing, characters who aren't polarizing, characters who make fun of whether or not other characters are polarizing, action movies, romance movies, zombie movies, space movies, mafia movies, heist movies, buddy cop movies, bands of misfits who bond together through a shared experience, Chevy Chase, Joel McHale, pop culture, college, plot gimmicks, making fun of plot gimmicks, friendship, BFFery, parody and music, then you need to give Community a try. Seriously.

Anyways, on to the art now. ;) I've got a ton of art to update you with, so here we go, with part 1. Enjoy!!



all the umbrellas in london )
Mostly actor & actress related art today, and mostly desktops. I did do a smattering of icons, though, so take a peek after the cut. ;)


a moment a smile a dream a laugh )
More as promised! Not a slow-connection-friendly post, beware. Below is many desktops and banners of various fandoms including Inception, Lost, How I Met Your Mother and more. Click on, mateys.
enid we never really knew each other anyway )
Hey all, it's been a while. I'll reiterate that I'm not ignoring my LJ, I'm just lazy. ;) To make up for my prolonged absence, here's a dump of goodies. In this one you'll find a batch of Danny/Kono related art from Hawaii Five-O (I'm helming the art on an appreciation thread), some Alias things, and more. Take a peek, under the cut and look for Part 2 to be posted following this...



that's the beauty of it when you lose your way )
Aside from two Iron desktops and my first crack at Sheldon/Penny icons, this is an entirely Lost-ified post! I finally have got some finale art to show you, and here it 'tis, plus some other random goodies (Hurley/Libby fluff!). Also, do people have a preference for how I lay these icons out? I'm slowly attempting to change to be a little more like icon-LJers, but let me know. Anyways, see the goodies under the cut, yo!



juliet? it's me... i gotcha babe, i gotcha... )
Long overdue, but here are some Lost, Chuck and V icons, as well as a few Lost desktops I made recently! More coming soon - I plan to make a pile of Lost finale related art, so keep a weather eye out. Meanwhile, a handful of goodies under the cut.



off i go... where i fall... is where i land... )

(no subject)

Apr. 27th, 2010 10:05 pm
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Allo everyone!

Long time no see... I've been busy. Work sucks and I'm constantly tired and work really sucks b/c of certain stuff... and anyways. On a lighter note, however, I am royally obsessed with Lost and amping up for the finale on May 23rd! (I'm having a theme party!!) And, I've been making lots of art. :) There's also several desktops which I seem to have not posted before now, so those will be posted now too.

After the jump, take a looksey at the bounty of icons and desktops I have for ye... [Note: Not a slow-connection-friendly post]


i was craving garlic toast - it happens )

Icon Fest

Mar. 30th, 2010 10:37 pm
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I have been busy, busy, busy...!! I have a whole massive pile of icons at the ready for you under the cut. Enjoy!



Lost [ 50 ]  -  Chuck [ 118 ]  -  Sherlock Holmes [ 49 ]  -  Brothers Bloom [ 110 ]

the cork, is this island )

GI-ness Ahoy!

Mar. 19th, 2010 07:09 pm
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Hey everyone! I have great news and a small pile of G/I stuff to share with you after the cut...


la la la la )
Thanks Jerri, for the great quote and episode (and journal entry) title!

So I just finished watching Survivor a bit ago and firstly thought it was past time I post the Survivor art I recently made, but also talk a bit about the season so far and tonight's episode...

*SPOILER WARNING* Click no further if you have not seen tonight's Survivor and wish to not know what happened!


"Again, again, AGAIN I'm on the bafoon tribe!" )
Hey all! No, I promise I haven't gone into hiding. I've been somehow wildly busy. Partially majorly obsessed with Lost, partially too excited about the new season of Survivor (Heroes vs. Villains! Woo!!), and partially (mostly) life in general. I haven't made it around to fanforum in a while, but I do plan to swing by real soon. On top of that, LJ has been giving a lot of grief lately, being weird about formatting and posting entries and stuff. The posting issue seems to have resolved itself, but the formatting style is being troublesome.

Anyways, so contained within is a vast amount of Lost icons! As well as a pile of How I Met Your Mother icons, some desktops, and - oh, just go ahead and look. :P One warning! This post contains SPOILERS for the LOST PREMIERE ("LA X") and the second episode ("What Kate Does") so do not click the cut if you do not wish to be spoiled!

a foggy day in [alberta] town )
It's toooniiight! I have been going absolutely crazy for the premiere tonight. I have a surprise for my Lost-fan roommates which I will tell you about later. In the meantime, here is a nice large Lost-ified post. :D Enjoy!

Nothing Is Irreversible )
Hey guys!

So I technically posted several of these the other day, but I wanted to have all my Lost Final Season icons in one neat and tidy post so I can share it easier with Fanforum people. And a bunch of other new Lost icons I haven't posted yet. :D Enjoy! Credit if snagging, comments are LOVE. (Also, check the previous post for more Lost icons and some Lost Final Season desktops.)



you can't be afraid to pull the trigger... )
Past few weeks I've been rather creative-feeling and have learned some new coloring techniques (mostly the Jack icons), so what I present after the cut is the result of those two things. Mostly Lost stuff, as I've been on a *major* Lost kick leading up to the premiere (FEBRUARY 2ND! FEBRUARY 2ND!! FEB-RU-ARY SEC-OOONNN-DUH!), but there's a little bit of other goodies mixed in too. As usual, feel free to snag but comments are love and credit appreciated. :D
this part is for her, this part is for her, does she remember? oh, comes and goes in waves... )
Just a quickie right now. I've made a bunch of icons for both V and Flash Forward and you can see 'em all after the jump...

we are of peace... always )
I was intending to post these before Christmas, but with holiday craziness both pre and post Christmas, posting has not been possible until now. And I got sick for the first time in a long time and am only now recovering. BLAH.

Anyways, without further ado, I present my (very small but brand new) collection of Christmas art. Enjoy! Cred if used.
...peace on earth, can it be? years from now, perhaps we'll see... )
Here you are, Gizzie fans. A collection of all my GI art under one roof. After the jump, you shall find a whole ton of old art of mine devoted to the friendship and romance of George O'Malley and Isobel Stevens. It's loooong. But hopefully you enjoy it anyways. Credit if used, comments wanted! :D


I finally am posting pretty much the last of it. After this will be a post (or two!!) for JUST George/Izzie. This post has a lot of George tribute desktops in it, which most of you at fanforum have probably seen, but it's probably new to some of you too. Enjoy! No hotlinking, credit if used. Thanks!


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