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Dear fabulous author,

Hey and welcome to getting matched with me! I'm a rambler and I tried to keep it short but um. Ya. First off, I wanted to emphasis that optional details are optional, so please feel free to do your thang and don't feel pressured whatsoever by my rambling thoughts. These are merely ideas, and you are awesome. :)

General Likes/Dislikes

Do Not Want:

I absolutely do not want any noncon, abuse, suicide, extended torture, super relentlessly dark fic. I don't enjoy slash or implied slash, horror/gore, kinky sex, threesomes/moresomes, mpreg, cross generational ships. I prefer not to receive smut/PWP as I'm very picky about the smut I read.

I would rather not recieve high school/college AUs, rock band AUs, genderswap, deaged fic, kid fic, fics focused on kids/pregnancy - just not interesting to me!



I adore unexpected/reluctant broships, sass & snark, gen fic, UST with a payoff, angst, fluff, witty banter, flirting. TIME TRAVEL ANYTHING - Groundhog Day AUs, time loop shenanigans, oops woke up in the wrong decade, and hand-wavey science/magic to do it, whatever. I'm in.

I am down for het shippy fic as much as I am gen fic. If it's shippy, I prefer flirting and falling in love over established relationship, but I'm also totally happy getting good established relationship stuff too (ex. food fights, sleepy Sundays, slice of life). I'll take any genre (except horror), including hurt/comfort, action/spy/heist, apocafic, pranks & shenanigans, slow burn, 5+1. Making light fandoms dark or dark fandoms light.

I'm totally cool with tropes, especially enemies to lovers, best friends to lovers, there's only one bed, fake dating/married, we both are here to kill the same person oops, accidentally in love, found family, protective characters, I hate you stop saving my life.

And I'm super down for crossovers and AUs! Like, assassins/thieves/spies, fairytale, coffeeshop, 40s detective/noir, Supernatural (monster hunters) being some particular favs. I'm totally good with fusions.

tl;dr: unexpected/reluctant broships, sass, time travel, angst + humor/banter, yes to tropes, yes to shippy or gen.

Fandom Specific

(Note for all: non-canon scenarios just as welcome as canon scenarios, as long as nothing is OOC. :D)

Limitless: THIS SHOW WAS CANCELLED TOO SOON AND I'M VERY NOT OKAY ABOUT IT. Ahem, anyways. I need more Brian Finch in my life. What I'd love to see in a fic is really just something typical of the show - a mission where Brian takes NZT (or doesn't for Reasons) and things obviously go awry. Mike & Ike getting reluctantly involved somehow. Rebecca probably showing up to save their butts. Casefic, pranks & shenanigans, banter, unexpected broship. Maybe Mike (or Ike) gets into serious trouble and Brian helps? Maybe something that takes place after the finale? Maybe something that shouldn't be a mission - ie. Naz has a moment of weakness and lets Brian plan the office Halloween/Christmas/end-of-the-month/whatever party - but Brian turns it into mission, using company resources? Or a real mission with somebody getting shot and them having to get themselves out of a dangerous situation? (Anything in the vein of Chuck or even Community would probably be very fitting here.) I'm down with something shippy or merely friendshippy between Brian and Rebecca, and definitely down for some reluctant broship between Brian and Mike and Ike. XD Serious/action + humor or just straight up humor. :D

Ghostbusters (2016): This movie was so dang fun and I just want more fabulous fun from these ladies and Kevin. Holtzman is my fav so I'd love the focus on her but I will legit love it if it's any of the other awesome ghost-busting ladies. What I'd love to see is a fic of Kevin accidentally saving the day - but like, really accidentally, because we all know how dumb he is. XD So something like things are going crazy and blowing up and the ladies are being awesome and stopping massive problems left and right (mad scientists? Ghost containment units break open at once? Some unsuspecting citizen stumbles across a tomb and releases a mass of ghosts? They travel to a Haunted Mansion...? ;D), and Kevin's there in the middle, bumbling around and accidentally being helpful while 100% not realizing it and completely exasperating the ladies. Alternatively, I'd love to see something where Holtzman and Kevin (and one more lady?) get stuck somewhere and have to get themselves out (and Kevin is useless but hilarious, or unintentionally helpful and does not get it). Or something with Holtzman being super BAMF ala that slow motion scene (you know the one). Bonus points for any hint of a crossover (coughSupernaturalcough). ;D

Better Off Ted: I would happy to get any fic for any of the characters in the tagset this year - Ted, Linda, Veronica, Lem, Phil - in any combo of friendship and situational humor. I ship Ted/Linda and Ted/Veronica but enjoy them all as just friends as well. Any side Better Off Ted characters (ie. Dr. Bhamba, Lucy, etc) are welcome to crop up. I would love to see anything that's quirky like the show here - misunderstandings and sitcom tropes, something Veridian institutes going very wrong (the new slushie machine is the new Skynet? Veridian wants a man-eating plant until it's literally eating men? They really did weaponize that pumpkin? Veridian's artificial red dye #2346 is turning everyone lterally red?), pranks & shenanigans, humor, banter. How about some accidental fake dating between Linda and Ted? Or the yearly company retreat happens and there's only one bed? Or how about the yearly company retreat is camping out in the bush this year and none of them can handle or cope with that (or maybe one of them can, shocking everybody else)? Honestly, anything you can come up with will bring me joy. :D This show is vastly underrated and needs more fic in the world.

The Losers (2010): I'm 1000% here for Clay and I completely blame Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his face and his voice and his everything. I enjoy the rest of the team greatly, especially Jensen, so I'm happy to see any combo here, as long as the focus is Clay. I totally ship Clay/Aisha and I heart their semi-toxic dynamic. What I'd love to see here is some sort of Mission Gone Wrong, with some level of injured!Clay still being bamf - whether Clay's alone or not is up to you. A dose of broship and/or hurt/comfort wouldn't go amiss. ;D Alternatively, one of the boys is the one alone/stranded/injured and Clay leads the rescue to get him back - lots of teeth gritting and almost-dying. Clay being the gruff leader with Issues, Clay having some form of PTSD he totally burys, Clay taking the weight of the world and being guilty about stuff and never ever talking about it, Clay basically being an alcoholic with a lot of scars and making sure his boys are okay at any cost - anything. Gen, action, adventure, AU, fusion/crossover, hurt/comfort, mystery/suspense, casefic. MUST have witty banter and broship - it's The Losers! ;D Lastly, I've never read the comics, so while you are totally free to put in any references, I may not catch them (I know a smidge of comics!Losers from chatting with the fab Deannie, but not much. For example, I know Aisha is waaaay more evil and crazy in the comics).

Burn Notice: A good old, spy shenanigans, episode-esque fic! I don't have a lot of strings I want to put on this one or prompts to give you. I love all four - Michael, Fi, Jesse, Sam - and certainly ship Micheal/Fi (tho for the record I'm not at all opposed to Jesse/Fi or Sam/Fi either), and love the platonic broships between all members the crew (and the different dynamics they have with each other). I love Jesse's often "how the hell did i end up here" attitude, Sam's "is this over yet i need a beer" thing, Fi's "i need to blow something up" thing, and Michael's "let's save everyone and go home so i can have some yogurt" thing. Any tropey spy thing/mission fic is super welcome here (bad guy with a bio weapon must be stopped; we have to go undercover as a couple to a fancy ball to get to the secret lab in the basement; replling down an elevator shaft; etc), crossovers (other spies very welcome to make cameos! Sarah Walker? Natasha Romanoff? Sydney Bristow? John Reese? etc!), AUs and fusions. Action and explosions, tons of snark and sass, Michael being clever (bonus if you can make is little "spy tip" voiceovers work in this!), Jesse being exasperated. Also, angst, dark situations (with happy resolution), hurt/comfort, whump, apocafic - all super welcome. ;D I would definitely prefer something that takes place "in show" timeline, rather than pre or post, but if the muse strikes, go for it.

Terminator Genisys: I'm mostly looking for some total timey-wimey goodness here, but I am also up for something quiet and introspective and character driven if the muses strikes. :) This movie gave us a new timeline to mess around in and I'd love to see more of it. Maybe post movie - what is Genisys/Skynet gonna do next (in reference to that credits scene)? Is Judgement Day stopped or just delayed? Did it change (in the way it happens)? How do Sarah and Kyle navigate each other? What's Pops like after his upgrade? What if more bots (or people) show up from the future to track them down, for good or for bad? Something dealing with Sarah being a bamf, her trust issues, her complicated love of Pops? Something dealing with Kyle and his mixed up feelings for Sarah, or coming to terms with that THING that was supposedly his son, or having to get himself out of a very intense situation with no help on the horizon. Mix up the Terminator 'verse, add timey-wimey shenanigans (time loop? Somebody sent to the wrong decade at some point? Wrong century?), and any Derek Reese cameo/reference is love. Gen, action, killer robots, on the run, conspiracy, human moments - basically anything we already love about the movies/series.

Most of all, thank you in advance for whatever strikes your fancy and you write for me. I already appreciate you so much and can't wait to see what you do! <333 If you need any help on what to do for me, talk to stars-inthe-sky who knows me v well. :D And last of all, here's my other stuff if you want it:

AO3: red_b_rackham
FF.net: Red Bess Rackham
tumblr: redrackham87


~ Red Bess

Date: 2016-10-04 07:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jackwabbit.livejournal.com
1- your DO NOT WANT list matches mine pretty well (duh).

2-your likes list ain't bad, either.

3-Limitless...hold that thought, k? *evil grin*

Date: 2016-10-04 06:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] red-b-rackham.livejournal.com

OH RLY?? Color me intrigued!! ;D


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