I can't believe it's been like a year. And despite the pain I put myself through by being the Queen of Procrastinia, and leaving everything to the 11th hour, I'm totally gonna sign up to do this Bang again. :D In theory, I'll be more organized and stuff. (Chya. You just wait for those whiny posts where I flail and complain and stay up ridiculously late and sign up for everything... ya, you've been warned.)

Also, [livejournal.com profile] irony_rocks was seeking some banners and stuff, I volunteered to make some. And I maybe kinda (totally) went overboard with the color choices here, so please feel free to not use/post/etc any of the following...

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Ok, *knock on wood* Internet and websites are agreeing with me today, so here is that Part 3 from ages ago that was promised. Providing my internet stays happy, there might more art coming after this, that I have made since posting the last batch. Onward for lots of Inception-ness... ;)

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More as promised! Not a slow-connection-friendly post, beware. Below is many desktops and banners of various fandoms including Inception, Lost, How I Met Your Mother and more. Click on, mateys.
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Hey all, it's been a while. I'll reiterate that I'm not ignoring my LJ, I'm just lazy. ;) To make up for my prolonged absence, here's a dump of goodies. In this one you'll find a batch of Danny/Kono related art from Hawaii Five-O (I'm helming the art on an appreciation thread), some Alias things, and more. Take a peek, under the cut and look for Part 2 to be posted following this...



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Argh! What in the world is happening in the world of Survivor!? Contained within is my recappy/rant about the latest episode. WARNING: Contains severe spolierage, so don't read if you haven't yet seen.

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Here you are, Gizzie fans. A collection of all my GI art under one roof. After the jump, you shall find a whole ton of old art of mine devoted to the friendship and romance of George O'Malley and Isobel Stevens. It's loooong. But hopefully you enjoy it anyways. Credit if used, comments wanted! :D


Yup. More, back-to-back-to-back with parts 2 & 3. Hey, I've got the time, so why not? For your viewing pleasure (and free use - just credit if used), here's part freakin' 4. And oh yes, I've got even more after this. REALLY hope I'm not overloading you here.



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