Ok, so I wanted to put this up ages ago when I first finished the story, but I was waiting for a chance to make the album art and then my laptop famously died, and I only just got Photoshop back, and I've been working on getting the songs back and, etc. Point being, this is way long overdue, but check it out, after the jump, :)

long overdue tune-age! )
Alright, so it's a day later, and I still hardly know where to begin. My mind is still rather consumed by it. I'm still planning to rewatch it and reabsorb it, as I find it nearly impossible to try and explain what happened. I'm pretty sure I get it, but not enough to articulate it very well. To start, I'll tell you about party I had and show you some pictures of my decor! I was lame enough to forget to any pictures of anyone who came or any of our reactions or anything, so anyways. Then I'll try and mash out the finale. And then probably have an art post coming shortly.

NOTE: If for some insane reason you have not yet seen the finale, do not proceed.

It Only Ends Once )
Thanks Jerri, for the great quote and episode (and journal entry) title!

So I just finished watching Survivor a bit ago and firstly thought it was past time I post the Survivor art I recently made, but also talk a bit about the season so far and tonight's episode...

*SPOILER WARNING* Click no further if you have not seen tonight's Survivor and wish to not know what happened!


"Again, again, AGAIN I'm on the bafoon tribe!" )

You Found Me

Jan. 10th, 2010 09:23 pm
red_b_rackham: (gi friends)
Hey guys! I was inspired today and yesterday and have labored to bring you... a new George/Izzie fanmix! This one's called "You Found Me". :D Download it after the cut...

yeah. yeah, she's a real heartbreaker... )
Here you are, Gizzie fans. A collection of all my GI art under one roof. After the jump, you shall find a whole ton of old art of mine devoted to the friendship and romance of George O'Malley and Isobel Stevens. It's loooong. But hopefully you enjoy it anyways. Credit if used, comments wanted! :D


I hope you've got your scrolling finger ready. Because here's a whole bunch more desktops! I really didn't realize I had *so* much when I started this endeavour. Oh well. Hope you're not tired of it yet! And if you are... er, well, skip this post. And probably the next few. ;D


I've seen some really cool fanmixes around lately and decided to make my own. It's also noteworthy that I saw someone had said they'd taken 9 hours to complete theirs and I scoffed, thinking it couldn't possibly take that long. Scoffing no more am I. The compiling, deciding creating the art, assigning the art to the songs, etc etc took forever and a day. But here it is! PLEASE comment if you're snagging and enjoy.
...oh take me back to the start... )
Well, isn't this just like Christmas morning for you! I've got the time, so I posting goodies like there's no tomorrow. As in all this old stuff I've got lying around that you might want to see/use/whatevs. So here's part 3, back-to-back with Part 2. Enjoy and please credit if used!



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