Ok, here's the art I promised!! I will have a whole crapton more by the end of the month - but I won't promise when I'll get to actually posting it, because you know how good I am with that - because I'm making graphics for all my tumblr followers who want one, as a sort of Thank You For Following And Merry Christmas present. :D I'm having a lot of fun because I really lovely wide range of requests, so once those are all done, I'll be posting them on tumblr, then later on here. Anyways, on to what I currently have for you!

(There's a bunch of Doctor/Rose, because AS;DKFJA; I have a(nother) new OTP. Those two - I can't even.)

i'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye )
Fic Title: The Ruler & The Killer, Baby
Fandom: Hunger Games
Pairing: Cato/Katniss
Rating/Warnings: strong PG-13 (for some language, mature content and general, er, Cato)
Prompt: Cato/Katniss - Dark AU, "Broken looks good on you."
For: JD_Pendergast

oh you belong to me come on we should get it goin... you don't talk you don't say nothin ok )
Alright, LJ is acting funny for some reason for me - I was just able to post short replies to various comments in the Girl on Fire ficathon, but then when I tried to post my fills, it just was giving me captcha codes forever and won't post. So rather than fighting the dang thing, I'm trying another approach. ;)

dead already )

the way out )

Fic Title: Spies Like Us
Fandom: Hunger Games
Pairing: Not really any, but a touch of Gale/Katniss, Peeta/Katniss and Haymitch/Katniss if you want
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Prompt: gen, SPY AU!!11!

For the Girl on Fire Ficathon at [livejournal.com profile] kolms. (GUYS, it's SO fun and SO addicting, and the quality of writing is OFF THE CHARTS and I fear I suffer by comparison but I love everyone's prompts and fills SO MUCH *is overexcited*)

it's so quiet here and i feel so cold )

Ok, so it's not much, but it's the little I've ended up coming up with through this dry spell of mine. A small bunch of desktops, mostly Hunger Games. Hopefully I'll have more things to share in coming months when my muse is ready to create again instead of simply ingesting and devouring everything!

may the odds ever be in your favor )


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